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Then it's time to elevate your brand with simple, timeless design!


You’re a female entrepreneur with your very own creative business! Maybe you’re a florist, a stylist, a photographer or some other kind of creative business chick?

You’re biz is ticking along, you get a reasonable amount of clients but your branding is a bit all over the shop. You have a logo you don’t love and a range of miss matched stationery that just doesn’t look quite right together. Maybe you have an idea of what you want your brand to look and feel like, but you have a few different styles and you’re not quite sure how to put it all together. You’re finding it hard to get the time to sit down and work on your branding and when you do it’s just one confusing mess.

If this sounds familiar maybe it’s time for an overhaul?



Hi I'm Emilie, the graphic designer behind EMCO Design. I am here to help you find the clarity and put the pieces of that branding puzzle together!

I've been a designer for 6+ years. I’ve freelanced most of my career so I’ve been able to work with loads of different companies on a huge variety of projects. I started EMCO design because I wanted to help female creatives craft the businesses they’ve always dreamed of by providing them with a brand aesthetic that speaks to their audience. I work strategically with my clients to make sure their visual voice is a magnet for them.




Shop our ready made templates!

Designed specifically for the busy biz ladies.

"I was looking for a stylish, sophisticated and modern design to brand my new business and EMCO Design perfectly fitted my criteria. Graphic Designer, Emilie was exceptional. She was easy to communicate with and incredibly patient. Any modifications I wanted made to her beautiful designs were made quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend her services and will continue to use EMCO Design for all future graphic design needs. Thank you, Emilie."