5 simple steps to help you conquer your branding

Is branding your business giving you a headache? Trust me I’ve been there. It’s hard, especially if you’re not a designer or a brand expert.  That’s why I’ve put together these five steps to help you nail your branding.


1.    Know your audience/ideal client

You’ve probably heard it before but that’s because it’s the single most important thing you must have down pact if you want to conquer your branding.

You must know your target customer

  • Who do you want to buy your product or service?

  • Where are they located?

  • What’s their demographic?


Why is having a target market so important?

Well you need someone to market your product to and you want them to purchase it. If you don’t know your target market then you will be marketing to everybody therefore targeting nobody.  You don’t want to be generic and cater for everyone, you want to stand out and bring in the clients you want.


How do you figure out who your ideal client is?

Have a think about the best client you have ever had. Are they the loyal customer that buys loads of your products, or hires you for your services? Someone who is easy to work with?

Now write down everything about them and create a profile of your dream client.

Once you’ve developed your ideal customer you can tailor your branding to suit and appeal just to them. They’ll feel like you’re talking to them, communicating with them on a different level. They’ll feel an emotional connection to your brand which is exactly what you want.  


2.    Uncover your why

What is your why?

Your Why is your purpose. So ask yourself what is my purpose? Or what is my business’ purpose?

It’s whatever drove you to start your business in the first place and whatever drives you to continue making your business the best it can be.

Why does you why matter?

Because people want to relate to and have an emotional connection to brands. If you are passionate about your business then show it in everything you do and this will help to concrete your branding. 

To figure out your why write down all the reasons you started your business. Reasons other than money. What gets you out of bed everyday and drives you to work in your business?


3.    Figure out your tone of voice

Your tone of voice relates to your target market. It’s the way you communicate with them. Once you have your ideal customer profile you can ask yourself how do they communicate with others.

  • Are the casual and relaxed?

  • Are they loud, fun and vibrant?

  • Are they spiritual and passionate?

Whichever one it is you have to communicate with them the way that most feels comfortable to them and of course to you.


4.    Create a mood board

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a great way to gather ideas on how you want your branding to visually look and feel. It’s a collection of images, colours and text that organised on a page that helps you evoke the feeling of a certain concept, aka your brand.

The best way to tackle it is by looking at the profile you’ve created for your ideal client.

Are they a sassy business woman who loves sleek and minimal design. Is your ideal client a girly girl who’s romantic, loves flowers (who doesn’t love flowers) and anything in pink? Are they edgy and dark?

Gather images that relate to your dream customer.

How do I create a mood board?

The best tool for creating a mood board is Pinterest. I seriously live on this website. It’s my go to stop for design inspiration.

Start up a board and call it My Ideal Client. Start searching for images that relate to your ideal client. The images can be anything from interiors, fashion, food, art etc. Pin everything on to that one board. You should see a common theme coming through when you look at the board. It will help evolve the direction and feel of your brand.


5.    Inject your brand with personality

Last but not least you have to fill your brand with personality.

You don’t want to look like everyone else. You don’t want to be generic. You want to stand out from the crowd. To do this your brand has to have personality, one that truly represents you.

Be unique and make sure your brand colours, images and tone of voice are all consistent with your vision of your brands personality. Stay true to yourself and you will nail it.