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Welcome to EMCO Design

Hi, and welcome to EMCO Design. I’m Emilie the owner and designer here. I work with creative business ladies, like you, looking to elevate your brand and develop your visual voice. I design branding to ensure your visual voice speaks to your clients and acts as a magnet for them. 


The women I work with….

Are creative business women like you. You are feeling overwhelmed and confused because you have too many ideas for the direction of your business and you’re not sure where to take it. You’re the kind of person that likes to get shit done but you feel like you’re going around in circles with your branding. Maybe you’re finding it hard to put yourself out there because you’re embarrassed of your current branding. Well don’t worry! I am here to help you find your visual voice.



What is a visual voice and why I believe in it?

Your visual voice is the overall look and feel of your brand that backs up your brand’s message and values. It speaks to people without having to say a word. Images can communicate powerful emotions so you want to make sure you are expressing the right ones to your tribe. It’s about knowing and understanding yourself AND your audience so that you can create that connection.

It’s so important to have your brands voice, look and feel aligned so that you’re attracting the right clients to your business. The ones you want! It needs to be authentic and as a business owner you need to feel connected to it. When you feel connected to your brand it really truly feels like you own it. And that is a good feeling!



I’m the owner and designer behind EMCO Design. I’m a Capricorn, a stationery hoarder, an avid animal lover and a serious chocolate addict! I’ve got a dog called pepper who is the best running partner a girl could ask for (she’s a whippet) and I can’t start the day without a coffee.

I’m also a designer and have been for 6+ years. I’ve freelanced most of my career so I’ve been able to work with loads of different companies on a huge variety of projects. I've also started three businesses along the way. I was the co-owner/designer of a boutique meat restaurant located in Cairns, I started an online resume template business and I’m now the owner and creator of EMCO Design. 

I started EMCO design because I wanted to help female creatives craft the businesses they’ve always dreamed of by providing them with a brand aesthetic that speaks to their audience. I work strategically with my clients to make sure their visual voice is a magnet for them.






  • A replication of something you've found on the internet - come on you're better than that! You don't want something that another business has, you want a design that truly represents you and is true to your brand's voice.

  • Work on weekends - I am working super hard during the week on your beautiful design projects so I need some time to revitalise on the weekends.


  • I make sure I have a full understanding of the ins and outs of your business before I start designing.

  • I work closely with you to make sure we are creating a design that aligns with your vision and voice. A design you can be proud of.

  • I provide you with a timeline of key dates so you know when you can expect to hear from me and when I expect to hear from you.